Cry-Free sleep solution

Settle your child peacefully
and with compassion

For children aged 18 months and older

Yes, it is possible!

Do you find yourself in a constant struggle with your toddler at bedtime?

Are you exhausted from waking up during the night to settle a distressed child?

Have you tried solutions that left you and your child even more upset?

We have not addressed the core issue from the toddler’s perspective: separation anxiety. If you manage to address the anxiety you will dramatically reduce the child’s distress. This is exactly what the technique does.

Yes! Just because no one has told you so until now, it doesn’t mean it is impossible. You just need to be open to learning a new technique. 

You don’t stop it, you PREVENT it!. Your child won’t need to fight to feel safe any more. You will prevent the crying before it starts. PLUS,  you will find it useful not only during bedtime, but in all other situations that provoke separation anxiety. 

Hundreds have tried it. Guy developed it when he worked at a parent helpline some years ago. Many parents loved it and called back to thank him. 

About the AUthor

Guy (Hagai) Avisar is a licensed psychologist, from Melbourne, Australia, with over 30 years of counselling experience in Israel and Australia. Over the years he has trained hundreds of parents and while working at parent helpline he developed this technique to settle toddlers during bed time. 
Guy has kindly donated the Sleep video to Animama.


Gratitude email from Katheleen McMillen, USA

“It worked like a dream!!!! My 2.5 year old son was weaned in May and then transitioned to a toddler bed shortly thereafter. For the past six months we have been dealing with hysterical crying fits with not staying in bed and we finally had resorted to sleeping on an air mattress in his room. He continued to wake multiple times each night to see if we were still there. We had tried every technique written about in books, all advice given to us from other parents and nothing was working. Your technique was my last ditch effort before we tried more harsh methods, which I was not wanting to do. We tried it for the first time 2 weeks ago and he has gone to bed without a fight ever since and is sleeping all night. If he does happens to wake at night he calls out to me from his bed and then goes back to bed as soon as his needs have been met. I cannot believe how simple and effective this was and I wish I had stumbled upon your kink months ago! I have already posted your website on Facebook, shared the website with my Parents As Teachers parent educator. Feel free to add any part of this email on your website as a personal review! I want to thank you for your technique, it has truly been life changing for us!”.

“I really like the preventive approach. Guy Avisar is teaching a proactive approach to children’s sleep problems. Parents can be more effective in averting problems related to sleep when they anticipate what kids are thinking and feeling”.

– Professor Isaac Prilleltensky, Dean of School of Education. Miami University. World expert on community-based approaches to psychological and social health.

“I am considered a leading specialist in the field of parent counseling. I watched with great interest Guy’s video on helping young children to fall asleep peacefully. I think the idea is excellent! Creating a sense of parental presence is the best way to address the child’s insecurity. Guy has developed a way to do it which is deeply inspiring”.

– Prof. Haim Omer, is internationally renowned as the originator and developer of the New Authority paradigm. He specializes in training parents of children with acute behavior problems in non-violent resistance.

“Excellent approach. Guy explains clearly, with warmth and compassion. A must for any ‘new or old’ parent!!”

– Dr Lionel Lubitz is a paediatrician in Royal Children Hospital with 35 years of experience working with mothers and babies.

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