Call for proposal to create Intro video

We would like to create the introduction video where Dr Animama presents herself and how she works.

It will be about 50 Seconds long of which about 15 seconds can be re-used from first video.

The intention is:

1.  to re-use the current files (characters/design)  which we purchased from the producers.

2. to make the movements appear less robotic and more in natural flow. This might mean more advance in technique or more drawing.

3. to keep the production reasonably priced.


See here Proposed script

Info about the video:

Pro Res HQ   (25FPS, 1920*1080p)

The files were created in Adobe After Effects  (.aep)  with all Music & SFX created and added in Adobe Premiere (.prproj file).

Within After Effects (.aep file) the animators used a plugin called Particular (to enhance the software).

All illustrations were created in Adobe Illustrator (.ai file) or Adobe Photoshop (.psd file)


When you apply please include your quote and a link to see your work. Your work MUST include characters interacting with one another.

Guy (Hagai)

hagaiavisar (at) gmail.com



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