Advisory Committee


Animama is about animations for mothers. It is a not-for-profit project operating under the auspices of International Social Service (ISS) Australia.

Animama aims at providing mothers in the developing world with health literacy and parenting education through animations.  We produce short, easy to follow animations that show mothers how to keep their babies and young children safe, healthy and well developed. The animations are culturally appropriate, offered in several languages and follow international standards for health information.

Where are we now?

We have completed the initial phase of the project – creating the website and the first videos.

We now aim to:

  • engage leaders in the field to support our project,
  • network with other organisations,
  • fundraise in order to produce more videos and for distribution.

The vision for upcoming years

Set up the Experts panel – October 2018.

Set up the Advisory committee  – March 2019


Raise funds to employ a project manager.


Website and videos are dubbed into 10 languages – August 2018.

Curriculum for the project – December 2018

Produce another 7 videos – December 2020

Develop an App for mobile phones – December 2020


Execute a digital marketing plan.

Create a local representative in each country to supervise distribution.

Collaboration with local change agents.

Expectations from a committee member 

Advisory Committee members will help us with the following tasks:

  • assist  the project to accomplish its key goals: Production and Distribution
  • network with relevant organizations
  • promote Animama’s profile within local and international communities
  • fundraising
  • other tasks as agreed

Time it will take

Four meetings a year (approx. 90 minutes)

Responding to emails (estimated 3-5 hours a year)


Meetings may take place in person or online via a video conference tool.

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